The replica 2019

160 m squares replica .. on direct ceiling painted within early 2019 .. took almost 3 months till finished .. made by acrylic colors , pastels , charcoal , colored pen and some of gold leafs …. this huge replica inspired mainly by 3 ancient Egyptians famous monuments

1- kv9 tomb of the king Ramses 5th&6th in luxor.

2- the main entrance ceiling of Hathor temple in Dandara .

3- Zodiac of Dandara temple which is now in the louvre of Paris .

*The blue ceiling (Nut Goddess)

inspired by ceiling in the burial chamber at kv9 -luxor ,Egypt .

-Took almost 12 hours to finish the basic coloring on 2 sets .

-Almost 12 kg of blue paints .

-Almost 24 white big sheets of paper .

-stars making took almost 3 kg of ochre color with quantity of almost 3000 Stars

-The basic drawing of goddess nut is quarter diminished of the original one in the kv 9 it’s almost 6 m by 3 meter while the original is 12m by 6 m approx.

-Almost 8 weeks of continued work until finished with exact copy for the hieroglyphs symbols as the original ceiling at KV9 .

-Medium used ( 6 basic acrylic colors , ink pen , pastel colors and charcoal)

*the rectangular ceiling

inspired by the the main entrance ceiling from dandara complex .

-Took 10 hours to draw and settle the basic line drawings on surface.

-10 white big sheets of paper for whole area

Finished end of January 2019 .

-took as a total timing almost 2 weeks of continues work .

-sacred texts from the book of gates .

-Medium used ( 6 basic acrylic colors , pastel , charcoal and ink pen )

*the zodiac ceiling

-Inspired by the famous zodiac from Dandara temple south of egypt , original one now placed in the louvre museum of Paris and just a copy placed on it’s original place .

-Took almost 3 sheets of big white paper to instal the lines

-Took almost 2 weeks of continuous work to be finished

-Medium used (3 basic acrylic colors , pastel , charcoal and ink pen )

-Overall the project took almost 15 days of work started from 15 feb 2019 ended 1 st of March 2019

Published by shenouda esmat

A visual artist and photographer , work with much passion in art .

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